Hello everybody,

The development and creation of Ginger: Beyond The Crystal has been quite an experience for Drakhar Studios, in which we’ve been able to learn and better understand the video game industry at a professional level.

Now that we are beginning to see the results of this beautiful project, we stop and think about all the knowledge we have acquired. We believe that sharing it could help and inspire young developers; also, videogame lovers will understand all the work involved in the development of a videogame, applied in a real case.

All this has motivated us to create this Development Diary, where we will gradually break down the different elements that make up a game, such as narrative, design and art, or what development engine we have used.

We want to show you and get to know the weaving of the creation of a video game, from that first conversation with your friends, not yet partners: “Hey guys, what if we risk and develop the game?”, to seeing fulfilled the dream of every young kid (and not so young) who has been playing video games even before walking.

Sharing our experience as developers with all of you helps us to relive this experience and grow as professionals.

We also want you to ask us questions and suggestions for the posts, we will be happy to answer them. This way the Development Diary will be useful for everyone.

Stay tuned, this has only just begun!

Greetings and welcome!

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