Joining farming and simulation genres to classic adventure / platformers

Adventures Quests

Explore, rescue people and find crystals

3D Platformer

Modern mechanics and simulations


Rebuild the villages


Ginger Beyond the Crystal, also known as Ginger BTC, is a platform adventure game where you’ll have to rebuild a world in ruins. The world of Ginger is full of characters that will give you powerful skills, something essential to defeat all of your enemies! You will need your skills to solve the puzzles and platforms areas of each level. Are you ready to go beyond the crystal?

The cities are in ruins and their inhabitants have disappeared. But there is still hope; Ginger will have to restore the connection with the goddess by purifying the damaged crystals that have been spread throughout the world. This won’t be an easy task, the world is full of enemies, traps and platforms that you will have to overcome over 15 different levels. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone, some characters will give you special abilities which will let you help you solve puzzles and defeat enemies. Three different worlds to discover, each with its own enemies and characteristics, with incredible and fun bonus levels that will put you to the test.

A world shattered by the explosion of crystal, a mysterious threat that weighs on its inhabitants and a goddess who creates a hero, this is Ginger Beyond the Crystal!

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“Ginger: Beyond the Crystal” is coming this Christmas to Nintendo Switch.

The 3D platformer by Drakhar Studio will see the light on Nintendo hybrid console, after pleasing the fans of the classic genre last year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The title, reminiscent of the great 3D platformers spawned after Mario 64 success, will consist of 15 different levels in which Ginger will have […]

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Ginger: Beyond the Crystal

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